Cracked Concrete Wall


by gregory SETH harris


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ISBN: 978-1735549408

Trim: 6" x 9", Pages: 370

Published by: Pierce the Age Press

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"Liberally sprinkled with incredible, unique images, Harris’s unconventional  Perfect Stranger evokes the impression of Richard Brautigan cartwheeling down an Escherian Stairwell: Very creative, certainly strange, and possibly dangerous." 

—Kenn Amdahl, author of

The Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo


You can read this novel for its silliness and absurdity. Its author uses every trick in the book—and a few uniquely his own—to keep the laughs coming. You don’t have to take this novel seriously. You may enjoy merely for the fun of it.


You can read this novel for its wit and flights of lyricism, its clever turns of phrasing, its pearls of wisdom and insight. Or for its complex plot, its unexpected twists and turns; its cast of bizarrely colorful characters.


You can read this novel as a parable: a man with no name enters a town with no name, searching for someone while not knowing who, or why? Could the author be suggesting something about the human condition? Are the characters and conflicts metaphors ripe with deeper implications?


Finally, you can read these pages as a satire modeled after Gulliver’s Travels. A gullible stranger enters an alternate universe crammed with little people sporting enormous egos. Chapter by chapter he learns about the townspeople, unraveling their sacred cows and the petty obsessions that keep them at each other’s throats—with hilarious and insightful results.


Whatever the reason, you must read this novel. You owe it to your funny bone.

Available as an eBook and paperback.

Praise for The Perfect Stranger

"A wild, delicious romp of a saga. Imagine Jonathan Swift, Terry Pratchett, Kurt Vonnegut – and Kafka - conspiring with Mistress Poesia herself. Harris has invented a new and divinely erudite & comedic genre: Real Magicalism. A devilishly good journey with a multiplex of literary lyrical splendors, crafted (& crafty!) linguistic play, and incisive social/political relevance. You will laugh out loud!"  Judyth Hill, author of Dazzling Wobble


"As charming and unpredictable as Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, while maintaining edgy, over-the-top Vonnegut-like satire. Filled with biting humor, clever wordplay, and dollops of generosity…a compelling read." Laurie Marr Wasmund, author of Clean Cut and White Winter Trilogy


"With a poet’s eye and ear for the most unsettling but telling detail, Gregory SETH Harris has brought forth a unique and complex novel—a tour de force—more often than not a farcical indictment of social mores, if not the human condition." Robert Milo Baldwin, author of Love & the Ost Soldier


"The Perfect Stranger brings together sharp social satire, brilliant insights into human nature and delightfully adept writing to weave a fantastic tale. If Camus had a sense of humor, he would love this story of the stranger who enters a closed society and rattles its mental blocks." Judah Freed, author of Making Global Sense 


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