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Cracked Concrete Wall




Buy the book:

ISBN: 978-0988227927

Trim: 6" x 9", Pages: 130

Published by: Mercury HeartLink

Wholesaler discounts available. Contact SETH for details.

"Riveting and beautiful"

"Mind-blowing words"

"A fascinating journey"



Poet, performer, producer and director SETH has been collaborating with poets, musicians, actors, dancers and other performance and visual artists for more than 30 years. A Black Odyssey is a compilation of his more popular performance pieces as well as lesser performed poems. Remarkable in scope, this poetic memoir uses Homer’s Odyssey as a scaffold, each chapter becoming a poem in its own right, while leading the reader through an epic journey mirroring the author’s own struggles as Black poet in contemporary America.

Available at local bookstores and here on Amazon.

Listen to SETH's music from A Black Odyssey below.

blackodysseyalbum1 (1).jpg

Praise for A Black Odyssey

"smooth as glass and lit with intelligence…… a juxtaposition between bopping, modern jazz and the formal rhyme and styles. The combinations were delightful, a real plus."

—Jerry Smaldone, author All Flesh Shall See It Together


"Homer would clap! As he led Odysseus through mythical challenges, SETH leads the reader through human trials—poverty, desire, injustice, racism, and a longing for truth, that we say what we mean. In A Black Odyssey, the poet draws on sources from Homer to the Bible to nursery rhymes. A 'Samson wielding syllables,' he wrestles with what it means to be alive in these times. A triumph of tension wedded to deep, deep pleasure."


—Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author, 

The Miracle Already Happening and Holding Three Things at Once

"SETH is a force of nature. This diverse, vibrant book is modeled, like Joyce's Ulysses, on Homer's ancient epic and uses it as an allegorical scaffolding for SETH's own experience as a Black man in contemporary America – an  experience filled with joys, sorrows, beauty, ugliness, anger, love and other creative contradictions. SETH's language runs the gamut from the vernacular to the Elizabethan, and his art includes everything from pattern poems, free verse, prose poems, sonnets, and even parodies of Mother Goose: political trouble-making, love songs, fiery sermons, quiet meditations and loud questions for God. Even as this poet writes that "In the end we shall all stand wordless," his own forceful words inspire us to realize that this is not only his life—it is ours as well."


—David J. Rothman, Poetry Concentration Director, Western State College MFA in Creative Writing; Colorado Book Award Finalist in Poetry for The Elephant's Chiropractor

"Ambiguity is one of my favorite literary devices: making lines and images subject to multiple interpretations."


—Dr. Robert King, poet, professor emeritus, and curator of The Colorado Poets Center, speaks with SETH in this engaging interview that explores not only the making of A Black Odyssey, but the inner workings of this exceptional literary avatar.

"SETH has always been an experimenter willing to push the cultural boundaries, happy to take the Apollonian crowd on tour of society’s Dionysian underground. His improv poetry jams at Denver’s Merc are legendary. Poetry plays. Performance art. Expect to be surprised."


—Art Goodtimes, former Western Slope Poet Laureate, author As if the World Really Mattered

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